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Our Motto: Be Reliable!

Engineer's Direct Line 07749471780

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20 Dunmore Crescent, Little Sutton, Cheshire, CH66 4PH 
Neil Davies - Davies Domestic Appliance
Tel: 0151 339 7441 Mobile 07749471780

For The Best Possible Service The Following Details Would Be Greatly Appreciated
  • Make of Appliance & the Model number. Usually letters and numbers for example WD960 and will often be found on the control panel/facia near to the dial or on a label inside the door on washing machines and tumble dryers. On Electric Cookers usually on a silver label behind the main oven door.
  • Your Postcode and a mention of any roadworks etc. that might cause problems for access.
  • On occasion you might get the answering machine, I promise to get back to you very quickly as messages are monitored frequently  
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