Neil Davies Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer Ellesmere Port and Chester-Our Motto: Be Reliable!

Neil Davies Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer Ellesmere Port and Chester-Our Motto: Be Reliable!

Our Motto: Be Reliable!

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Washing Machine Repairs

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  • Why Choose Neil Davies Domestic Appliance Repairs?
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The 2 Most Important Questions
I have found over the years my customers want to know...             
1. "Is the appliance worth repairing?  
I don't want to waste my money!"
2. "How much will it cost?"
After inspecting your machine I will give
you an honest answer to both questions

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Repairs to Hotpoint, Hoover, Indesit, Zanussi, Bosch,Beko in fact all makes - Your machine not listed? Ring anyway, we do the lot!Expert Domestic Appliance Repairs Since 1982
Why choose Neil Davies Domestic Appliance?

Need a washing machine repair? Ask your friends, family, neighbours, workmates for a recommendation. If you like what you hear, give us a call.

Our No.1 priority is being reliable. You can trust me to turn up as agreed, and do my best to fit around your work commitments and swiftly repair your washing machine or tumble dryer

Neil Davies washing machine repair..
we are based in Little Sutton, so we are central for a wide area, in fact we repair washing machines in...

Chester, Blacon, Upton, Handbridge, Mollington, Waverton, Christleton, Tarvin, Boughton,  Gt. Sutton, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Hooton, Eastham, Bromborough, Bebington, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Prenton, Heswall, Parkgate, Neston, Burton to name a few.

Check Anywhere within a 7-mile radius of Little Sutton. Map
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Domestic Appliance Tips
..Dealing with and Preventing common problems
6 Ways to Get The Best From Your Washing Machine
Download Tips as a PDF document
 #1. Got a Smelly Washing Machine? Use Powder rather than liquids. Many Engineers prefer Ariel Powder for its effective cleaning power. Liquids and Gels may result in higher build-up of gunge, scum and smells in your domestic appliance. This one tip alone could help prevent many a washing machine repair

 #2.Do a maintenance wash in your washing machine every 2 or 3 months. Select a 60-degree wash or higher and put the powder in as usual., but no clothes. This will help remove some of the bacteria and residue that builds up in most washing machines and prevent the need for a washing machine repair.

 #3.Check clothes for coins, clips, pegs, credit cards etc... You would be amazed at what is found in washing machines and causes damage ranging from a simple blockage through to a flooded house and some very expensive washing machine repairs. 

 #4.  Noises from your washing machine should not be ignored as many can be repaired easily if caught early, but will often result in a wrecked machine or expensive washing machine repair if ignored.

#5.  Lift & Separate!..Not strictly a washing machine repair tip, this one is probably for novice washing machine users, (and men). Remember to separate your clothes into 3 piles. Whites, Light Colours, Dark Colours. Wash them Separately.

#6.  Do you use a "colour" detergent for all your washing? If so you can maintain your washing machine and clothes better by investing in a box of Ariel Powder, one that contains bleach. Wash your white garments with this. it will help ensure your machine gets cleaned properly on a regular basis. Many people buy other products (products to help stains vanish) to make up for the bleach that is not present in Colour detergents. The best and cheapest way, in the long run, is 2 box's of powder, one for colours, one for whites. Please note I have no interest or connection with Ariel Powder, I just recommend it because it is well tested and regarded by many washing machine repair engineers.

Bonus - Tumble Dryer Tips..
Always allow your Tumble Dryer to complete the cycle, especially the last 10-minute cooling section. If you don't, it could blow the thermostats, as can clogged up fluff filters.
Getting in touch...

Please call anytime, however, for the best possible service , the following information will help us to get your washing machine or tumble dryer working again as fast as possible..
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