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Our Motto: Be Reliable!

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Has your tenant called to let you know The Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer is playing up? 
If you live out of the area or have a busy schedule this can be a real pain, apart from the worry about manufacturers high call out charges which currently range from 70 up to 120 +
  • Call or text with details of fault, address, etc.
  • Send email to neil.davies(at) to confirm job     request and tenancy address and contact numbers etc
  • I will arrange a time with tenants, then call you from the property with an estimate.
  • If the appliance is not worth repairing or you just require an estimate initially, there is a 20 call out/diagnosis charge               

When I call your Tenant, I will check to see if their is maybe a quick fix we can achieve over the phone. Hearing about the symptoms first hand, from the user, is the best way to assess the nature and scope of the problem. If a call-out is required, I can arrange this directly with the tenant (or Landlord if preferred).
Neil Davies    Office - 0151 339 7441 Mobile 077494 71780