Tumble Dryer Safety-Our Motto: Be Reliable!

Our Motto: Be Reliable!

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Tumble Dryer Safety

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Is My Tumble Dryer Safe To Use?

Many but not all tumble dryers allow fluff from clothes to leak into the cabinet of the tumble dryer. This fluff gathers around working components such as the motor, thermostats, bearings and pulleys and of course the heating element.

This fluff is like tinder and is ideal material for starting a fire. When enough of it collects around the heating element it can begin to smoulder and on occasion unfortunately catch fire.

Some machines allow more of this fluff to leak into the cabinet than others. You may have heard about these dryers in the news and been advised to check if your Tumble Dryer  is one of the machines at risk.

If you wish to minimise the risk of a fire in your tumble dryer then I would advise the following measures
  • Clean the filters after every use
  • If your machine has a pipe leading outside, make sure it is clear from kinks and blockages and that any vents or mesh screens are clean
  • Only ever use your dryer when you are able to monitor it, think of it like having a pan simmering on the stove, you would leave it to do its job and at the same time be conscious of it and be on hand to attend to it.
  • Vacuum any areas you can access to remove lint and fluff both inside the drum and around the front and back of dryer.
Our tumble dryer service includes a thorough clean inside the machine to restore it internally to a clean dust and fluff free condition.

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