Why Does My Washing Machine Smell Musty?

Why does my Washing machine stink, or why does my washing machine smell musty? Questions I get asked every day as part of my job as a domestic appliance service engineer.
The answer is usually related to:
1. The chemicals you use and
2. The temperature you wash at.
The chemicals involved are a powder, a liquid or a gel capsule. Of those 3, powders will keep your machine far cleaner and free from smells than liquid or gel capsules.
I am informed by a research scientist from a local soap production factory that most of these detergents don’t do a very good job below 40°c because the bleaches are not activated until water temperature reaches 38°c.
So a minimum wash temperature in order to keep your washing machine free from smells would be 40°c and ideally 60° if the clothes you’re washing can take that temperature.

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